Tupac Shakur T Shirt Design Vector Tribute to Tupac: Remembering (6/16/71-9/13/96) "Its feel like yesterday, when he went somewhere quiet and left us his Legacy
on planet Earth, his words still fresh as he sang it yesterday, a restless young
soul who wanted to do so much in such a short time, eventually he did, we will remember the don makavelli, Amaru Tupac Shakur the shiny serpent, He lived for a principle as he said himself when his heart beat no more, he sparked the brain of the youth and his fans and we felt the pain of our black brothers and sisters in his lyrics, and lived a full life as twice as fast. "Many people say that life goes on but when Tupac said it, it made me actually believe" Edited as request ---> .ai included. Visit my website:
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